Monday, August 15, 2011

Go Forth!

I'll be starting my 'new' life soon. I used to rush for both events and academic loads during my foundation year. It was so beautiful that I really did enjoy every moment with my friends a.k.a. work partners. After a year of silence, I made a huge decision which I hope it'll enrich my u life to a further extent. Gonna get back to event-life!!

Though I didn't have classes over the past 3 days, but I still had no time to relax and do my own stuff, I don't even have time to wash my clothes. goddamnit I some more need to hand-wash them!! Seriously, I have to get used to the life like this.

I feel the joyfulness if people around me are happy. Same goes to the opposite situation. We all depend upon each other, don't we?

I played Tumblr for almost 1 month, I found that I really like it, and the best reason I continue using it is because of the beautiful quotes, sayings, pictures, simply everything.

Some people like to reblog those emotional quotes, negative sayings and whatnot. But I love to reblog some funny stuff, and something that really make sense! Like..

it's so true! Do you agree with me? Things fall apart, we don't usually get them so positively, right? But in fact we should see every matter in different views. So sometimes bad things can actually turn out to be a pretty good ones.

I'm having a headache, but I still need to go through my assignment. Which one to choose??

Guess I'll go bed very soon.

BTW, this is my tumblr, if you're playing, do follow! FYI, I'm not really active because I'm using google reader at the same time. XDD

Good night world.

"You're braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think, and loved more than you know."

I really like a piano cover now, REALLY LIKE IT!! it's the first song in my playlist, which is also the background music of the trailer movie '那些年,我们一起追的女孩'. Special thanks to my sweet friend CARROT! You're so kind hearted, I never expected you'd remember these little details!! Thanks!!



JinFu Tan said...

hey, join the committee for prom night, i think they will be recruiting soon :)

Ee said...

hmmmm i guess i won't be able to :(
bearing 'some' heavy burdens right now. event will b ended after February. NO TIME AHHHH!! ><

JinFu Tan said...

ahhh, i understand, saw your name on a post regarding cnye15 :)

Ee said...

yea 'm holding a post in cnye. btw, where u saw it huh?

JinFu Tan said...

ohhh i see.
saw it on MMU's FB page