Sunday, June 5, 2011

BEAST- Fiction Piano Cover (Sheets)

Once I completed this cover only I realized I actually love another song from Beast more than Fiction, that is 'On Rainy Days'. I will do another cover for this song! For sure! Just the time matters ;)

It's still a very nice song!! Enjoy ;)

I don't really follow the sheets exactly, rearrange a bit especially on the 2nd verse which I added my own. Piano sheets

It's rainy days. Staying at home is the best option. I'm supposed to stay in Malacca by now, but I decided to give myself another week of holiday =X of course getting permission from mommy! Cause I'll be off to KK in 3 days later!

So, yeap I'll start my new sem on 2nd week! For those who are gonna start your new sem tomorrow, happy school day! ;D

fiction MV



the two ;)



Anonymous said...

xDD !!! nice

Anonymous said...

hey can i download the music sheet? i really want to try this song? ;)

Ee said...

dear anon,
yes sure u can download it :)
it's the link highlighted in blue

JungRara said...

do you have more music sheet?tq

Ee said...

dear jungrara,
if you mean other music sheets, you can try to look for the label- 'Piano score' in my blog! thanks for dropping down:)

jia said...

erm ...can i have music sheet for fiction ...i really want to play this song...i hope could give it...please

Mabel said...

Thanks for sharing your score! Nice song, great playing!

Wun Jong said...

Thank You so much !!!