Friday, September 30, 2011

Erica's Birthday | Harper's Restaurant Melaka

Sorry I'm late.

Ms Erica birthday celebration @ Harper's Restaurant, Malacca.

a pleasant atmospheric restaurant in Malacca.

beautiful river view

I personally like this corner very much!!!

wineeeee collection

I'm sorry if you're reading this entry with your stomach empty! haha

The Menu. They do tapas portions and large portions

they do provide good and prompt services. *thumbsup*

open aired environment. See how windy made me looked like a lion! =,=

simply love this shoot

so here comes the food!

Sauteed chicken breast with onion and garlic in butter sauce! The sauce is very refreshing, not very think but well enough to match with the bread.

Pardon me, I can't remember anyone of the dishes name. Please judge by its look!;)

Stuffed chicken breast with sauteed leeks and mushroom sauce. The sauce is super duper creamy and chessy! My male friend doesn't like it. But I do love it haha! Sauteed leeks is a refreshing addon in this dish.

baked salmon japanese style with baba ganoush and pickled zucchini

pepper crusted chicken breast with creamy polenta

all I can say is, we enjoyed our dinner very much. Yea for poor students like me, the price is a little bit high, but the environment, services and foods are so very good I think the price is worth it all.

and then TaaaDaaaaaa
finally its time to blow the candles! Nobody would dislike Nadeje!

sure we wouldn't miss this session

group photo!!

the lovebirds.
(FYI, Mr NgBoonKhai selected this place since Ms EricaLee likes environment as such. Romantic and hmmm.... classy?)

another cutie pair!

with this beauty a.k.a. birthday girl- Erica!! :))
*credited Ms Winnie*

free special drinks to the birthday girl.

Harper's and Ms Lee

continued rocking the night at Celsius!

after dinner.

First time visit. Not bad!

touch screen systems. Chio loh

like the posters they used for the interior. All Kpop stars! BigBang!!! TeaYang looks super yeng in this photo!

Aunty Lulu marked an ending!

and now this cute little fella says goodbye to you :)

most of my friends turned 20/20+. Gawd, I wonder how does it feel when we get closer to 30?

been slacking at home since the first day I finished my exam. Damn relaxing. I seem to spend my time doing nothing. I even have no idea where has the time gone? I've been watching Korean drama, Western movies, reading English novel, playing piano for whole day long. In conclude we said, doing nothing. But this is so-called life to me! Hell yeah damn true!

Guess starting from weekend, I'll have much more 'life'. Happy holidays to all MMU-ians. and for those who are still struggling with the exams, I genuinely feel pity to you, but all the very best!

Before I end this post, I'd like to wish you happy thirtieth-September!! Lets pray that the coming month is a great one!!

Hiiiii October:)



EriCa said...

Just notice this a couple of minutes ago. Thanks for it. Love the photos you got!! have a great day =D

Gigi said... must be enjoying it very much =)