Tuesday, April 12, 2011

U Dessert | Sutera Utama | Mount Austin

Do you know Sutera Utama has a newly opened dessert house *same row with Tea Garden, Fresco, etc etc*??

*if you happened to view my previous post about this shop, yea it is the same one, just a different outlet at Sutera Utama*

This post is kinda a COMBO *or a presentation from a die hard fans of this shop*

I went to Mount Austin outlet for few times, and Sutera Utama one, I went there trice in not even a week. Is that too much? Hehe!

These are about the whole menu! I got a collection of their desserts. 100% real product shoot LOL!!

Chinese dessert 中式甜品
芝麻糊 sesame paste
芒果黑糯米 black glutinous rice with mango
芒果龟苓膏 mango herbal jelly
黑芝麻汤圆 black sesame with rice ball
红豆/玉蜀黍椰汁糕 red bean/corn cake
芒果豆花 mango tofu pudding (tau fu fah)

Sweetened Sago Series 西米露系列
black glutinous rice with banana

Signature Dessert (MUST TRY)
芒果河粉 mango ho fan
芒果猪肠粉 mango chee cheong fan
Durian/mango pancake. Durian pancake is just HEAVENLY!!!!

alright. Perhaps these are much enough of temptation. I'm so sick of sharing nice food/restaurants/cafes to you my dear readers yet I AM stuck in Melaka this place. HAHAHAHA jk!

But as a person who USED to drive, who LOVES driving/speeding so much, I do seriously hope that dad will allow me to drive in Melaka. He unconsciously mentioned about 'this' thing during my midterm break. Hahaha!! Longing for his nod, and the CAR!!

ehem.... I better go bed and dream. People said 'dream comes true', I'd rather stay in my wonderland and never wake up because (in my dream) I was born to become a racer LOL!!!

I finished my first midterm test yesterday, and thanks god I could finish the syllabus in 6 hours. 6 hours!!! Genius me! *slap myself in the face! buey pai seh* So, left one paper to go. Two assignments in run. Tons of works need to be done. Roomie told me, people tend to get influenced by each other, from time to time, days and days. Can somebody inherit your great hardworkingness to me, even a single tiny bit. I'm dead incurable, laziness I mean. T,T

It's now 3am!! Time to sleep!! Good night world!

Pardon me for the sudden ending. Sleepy worm is knocking my door. Hehe

he looks drunk, again. LOL!


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Courtney said...

That looks so delicious :D
AAH, I'm so jealous! ):
Where abouts is this? Malaysia xD? I have no idea...