Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mothers' Day | Yaoki Japanese Restaurant @ Taman Pelangi

BEWARE:: This post is a LONG one! :))

Mothers' Day outing with family. Mommy was supposed the one to be treated as a queen but somehow baba stole all the attention.

He got the 4 ladies he loves the most to accompany him shopping!!

all-time-lovely couple

one of his goods. He wanted to buy a watch for long but always thought of saving the best for his wife and daughters. Finally we convinced him to buy it :)

beautiful sunset after shopping :)

went to Yaoki Japanese Restaurant located off Jalan Perang, Pelangi.

Do make a reservation before you go. The space is very limited! and so to the waitresses and even kitchen workers. Not really efficient, be sure you have enough patience.

waiting area. Yes, we got our early booking but still, had to waiiittttt.

very authentic izakaya!! *Japanese style 居酒屋*

super love this area loooo!!

to while away our time

High quality food worths every single sen, and of course the time you spent on waiting.
I love this one. Started our dinner with a very refreshing spinach salad. a bit salty, but yummy!!!
this is good!!! :)

highly recommended-
1. Sashimi. *this is Salmon??* Real fresh, and the thickness is just right. Melt in your mouth!! Hwah I miss this!!

2. Japanese pork bone soup. The soup is so thick and so flavorful!! Fuiiiyohhh damn nice!! Enough of saying! :))

3. Yakitori- Uzura Maki. *quail eggs wrapped in sliced pork* Super MATCH!

all 3 recommended dishes are based on my liking, not on behalf of this restaurant. Try it yourself, pamper your taste buds :)

that's what we called couple watches. However, one from Longines and another from Polo. HUGE contrast huh! LOL

To me, she's the prettiest mommy on earth. Internally and physically!

More information about Yaoki::
If you still don't get the location, it's located opposite of Niniq bistro and same row with Nam Moon Korean BBQ *南门*

I'm back to JB and sad to say that KL trip was cancelled. If you ask me why, that's a long story and I don't really feel like talking over ton of words to explain the reason of a cancellation of a trip. But if you ask me where did I go over these 3 days instead, I can answer you. Of course somewhere with my boy. LOL!! Anyways, I still felt please of meeting him.

Holidays in JB continues......


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